The Team

Manny Samaniego: CEO, Creative Director – A Southern California native, Manny began his foray into filmmaking early in life, shooting Super-8 films in grade school.  His filmmaking internship also included working with his father, Manuel Conde, a renowned filmmaker from Havana, Cuba, as a sound assistant that included feature films and commercials.

Manny’s involvement in the science of post-production film services include pioneering the first broadcast film chain in Hollywood that was capable of transferring Super-8 film to broadcast tape.   In 1980, he also produced the first commercial martial arts instructional series on video for taekwondo Master Hee Il Cho.  Since the 80’s, Manny has produced many local TV and radio spots in English and Spanish.

Manny’s interests include racing cars and is the proud owner of an original Shelby Cobra. He is also a taekwondo black belt martial artist.

Maria Conde:  COO – Maria’s involvement in advertising spans many years. She  and her husband, Manuel Conde, began a commercial production company in the late 70’s, and their Cuban origins helped develop the blossoming Spanish advertising market during its infancy in Los Angeles.  Maria’s knowledge of the diverse Spanish speaking cultures laden throughout Southern California has made Conde-Samaniego one of the ‘go to’ marketing agencies for local businesses throughout the Los Angeles basin.

Sergio Epelbaum:  Partner, International – Sergio´s been working with the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry since 1991 all over South America. His experience includes more than 100 awards for medical videos (including awards in the USA and Europe). His background also includes production and media content management for several international companies such as Alcon, Allergan and Bausch+Lomb and site management for several local and international medical societies. He is also pionner in several fields like 3D live surgeries (transmitting the first ever 3D odontological live surgery in latin america) and HD live surgery (also being the first in transmitting a live ophthalmological surgery in latin america).

Al Gomez -  Creative & Production – Al’s diverse experience includes writing, acting, directing, and producing commercials and feature films over the span of thirty years. His Mexican/American cultural background has served Conde-Samaniego well over the years as he as conceived, written, and directed a number of commercials for business of all types.

Steve Reynolds  - Production –

Art Tejada: Art Tejada has 12 years of editing experience ranging from film and television projects. He has worked on feature motion pictures, documentaries, promos, music videos, industrials, public service announcements, infomercials and television ENG’s (Electronic News Gathering). He brings expertise and storytelling abilities using the latest design and software technologies available.  Mr. Tejada participates in all phases of the production process including storyboarding, script writing, scouting, filming, and editing. Mr. Tejada recently completed a documentary featured on the Discovery Channel entitled ‘Birth of a Racer.’ He also has credits for companies like First 5 California, IKEA, Cragar, Shelby America Automobile, American Red Cross, F1 (Formula One), Saleen and Toyota.